Traffic dept wants firm blacklisted for failed ATC

The ‘intelligent’ system is constantly on the blink and has to be operated manually at signals.

Fed up with failed attempts to get the area traffic control (ATC) system to do its job, Amitesh Kumar, joint commissioner of police (traffic), has urged the BMC to not only scrap the contract with the company that’s tasked with maintaining 253 traffic lights, but also blacklist the firm.

The Rs 72-crore ATC system was installed at 253 of 630 intersections under the Mumbai Urban Town Planning-1 project with aid from the World Bank. Ideally, the ‘intelligent’ traffic maintenance system provides for constant acquiring and updating of real-time road traffic data, including the number of vehicles arriving at intersections. This data allows traffic lights to adjust themselves as per a set cycle, in accordance with the flow of traffic.