Let’s Vote – Election 2019!!

Every five years the biggest festival of India takes place, the Festival of Democracy, exemplified by our General Elections! The whole country switches to Election Mode to participate in electing our National Government.


Diversity, often called the hallmark of our country, is seen in all aspects, be it language, food, clothes, climate etc. Interestingly, diversity in terms of voter turnout is also seen very starkly, particularly in Urban Spaces, with some Cities recording turnouts above 85% and some below 50%!!


Mumbai has for long been known for lower voter turnout. It is high time we ensure that Mumbaikars make the effort to participate in Elections – Go Out and VOTE on 29th April!


With the Lok Sabha Election polling Day for Mumbai on April 29th 2019 and thereafter later in the year the Vidhan Sabha Elections, we at V Citizens Action Network (VCAN) in our capacity as a Civil Society (CSO) Partner of the Election Commission of India (ECI), through the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Maharashtra, aim to increase Voter awareness and turnout in the upcoming Elections.


If you want to know more about the different Election Constituencies of Mumbai, or to learn about the Electronic Voting Machines (EVM), and the Voter Verification Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) that will be fully implemented in Lok Sabha Elections for the first time, or to know about the Responsibilities of Co-operative Housing Societies (CHSs), or about facilities being provided to Voters with Disabilities, you can visit our ELECTION 2019 page.


All Indian Citizens who are 18 years of age (or above), on 1st January 2019 should register themselves as Voters, in case they haven’t already done so. This also includes Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), as well as those who are in the category of Third Gender. In fact, the ECI has undertaken several measures to ensure PWDs can vote, including launching a dedicated App.


Among a few things to remember on Voting Day is the fact that that simply possessing a Voter ID Photo Card does not mean that you can vote! Your name MUST be on the Electoral (Voter) Roll, if it’s not there, you will NOT be able to vote!


Please don’t believe rumours being spread around on Whatsapp!


Please note the Helpline Numbers of Mumbai City 022 22631950, Mumbai Suburban 022 26400171, Thane 022 25344143, Palghar 025 25297250

Toll Free number 1800 22 1950 or just 1950


In case you need further clarifications or have a question, please leave a comment on our Election 2019 page on our web portal and we will do our best to resolve your issue.


The Author, Indrani Malkani, is the Chairman of V Citizens Action Network (VCAN) and is an Ashoka Fellow.