The exercise of Revision of Electoral Rolls and Voter Registration is extremely crucial, and the updated Voters List will be used during Lok Sabha 2019 and Vidhan Sabha 2019 Elections.

Maharashtra has the unique distinction of having the strongest Cooperative Housing Society movement in the country. To take advantage of this vital network, the Government has taken measurers to get Cooperative Housing Societies (CHSs) to help in Election work.

As per Section 79A of the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960, all BLOs (Booth Level Officers) are to be given voluntary support by the “Office Bearers” of Co-operative Housing Societies.

The Office Bearers of the CHSs are, therefore required to assist the Election Commission in the Special Summary Revision of Electoral Rolls.

Activities to be carried out by Co-operative Housing Society’s (CHS):

  • Sending out a Circular to all their members, informing them that:
    • In case there are “eligible” voters in their family (including those who will be 18 years on 1-1-2019) – and who have not yet registered, they should do so.
    • In case there are any “eligible” voters who have previously voted or registered, and/or have their Voter ID Card – to check whether their names are still appearing correctly in the list (as the lists have been “cleaned” recently and some names may have been removed, inadvertently)
    • Registration can be done by filling up Form 6. Two documents (for age-proof and for residence-proof) and 2 passport size photos are to be attached with Form 6.
    • Members can submit, duly filled in Form 6 with attachments and photos, to the Society’s Office.
  • Collecting all the submitted documents and prepare a covering letter, and submit these to the respective Designated Voters Help Centers (VHCs).

The following Indian Citizens should register (or verify, if already registered):

  • Those who are 18 years and above as on 1st January 2019
  • Those who are Persons with Disabilities
  • Those Persons who are of Third Gender

For this purpose, the following documents are referred below for your use:

  • Format of the covering letter from CHS to concerned ERO (Address of ERO is the same as that of VHC).
  • Documents needed for Proof of Age and Residence and Details of All Prescribed Forms
  • How To Check the Electoral Rolls for Your Name and Details
  • Area-wise VHCs (With Officers names, addresses and contact numbers). To view the list click here.

Eligible voters can also register themselves directly by going:

  • To the VHC of your area and submitting the Forms and necessary documents/photos
  • Online at and following the procedure mentioned therein

IMPORTANT: Possessing a Voter ID Photo Card DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN VOTE! Your name MUST be on the electoral (voter) roll, if it’s not there, you will NOT be able to vote.

(On Letterhead of the CHS)


To __________________ (Write name of the ERO)
ERO ________________________ (Write the name of your Assembly /Constituency)
_______________________ (Write the address of the ERO office)
Mumbai __________ (Write PIN Code)
Dear Sir/Madam,

SUB: Enrolments of Names in the Electoral Rolls – EP(Electoral Part)
And Corrections of facts in the Electoral Rolls

This has reference to the direction received from the Election Commission of India, that under Section 79A of the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960 vide Government Circular in Co-operation Department No. SGY 2009/C.R. 235/14-S dated 19th April 2010, all BLOs (Booth Level Officers) are to be given voluntary support by the “Office Bearers” of RWAs (Resident Welfare Associations) and CHSs (Co-operative Housing Societies).

Accordingly, we are submitting the sets of duly filled forms with appropriate attached documents, of those who have:

  1. Duly filled their forms for enrolling their names for inclusion in the Electoral Rolls
  2. Duly filled their forms conveying the corrections which are to be made in the Electoral Rolls

Kindly add these names and in cases of correction kindly rectify as required. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Hon. Secretary / Hon. Chairman
(Put Stamp of Society)

Encl: As above

Documents Needed For Proof of Age & Proof of Residence

Please submit DIFFERENT documents – for proof of age and for proof of residence. Just ONE document will NOT be accepted as proof for BOTH.

Proof of Age (any ONE of the following):

  • Birth Certificate
  • Mark sheet of Class 10 or 8 or 5
  • Indian passport
  • PAN Card
  • Driving License
  • Aadhar letter issued by UIDAI


  • Proof of Residence (any ONE of the following):
  • Indian Passport
  • Driving License
  • Bank/Kisan/Post office current Pass Book
  • Ration Card
  • Income Tax Assessment Order
  • Rent Agreement
  • Water Bill
  • Telephone Bill
  • Electricity Bill
  • Gas connection Bill
  • Post/Letter/Mail delivered through Indian Postal Department

Details of ALL the Prescribed Forms:
Details of “How to” fill up the various prescribed FORMs along with the downloadable PDFs are available on the link below

Form No. 6 – is for any eligible Indian Citizen 18 years of age or above can file claim for inclusion of his/her name in the roll i.e. Register as a Voter.

Form 6A – is for an overseas elector to fill to include his/her name.

Form No. 7 – is for raising an objection to somebody’s name or for deletion of his or any other person’s name in the Electoral Rolls.

Form No. 8 – is in case if any particulars in the electoral roll are to be modified; such as name, house number, middle name, last name, age, sex, epic number etc. a claim can be filed by filling this form.

Form No. 8A – is in case any Elector (Voter) has changed his/her house from the polling area of one booth to other booth in the same Assembly Constituency then he/she can file application in for change/transposition from one electoral part to other part.

 How To check the Electoral Rolls for your Name and Details

To view the Electoral Rolls, visit the website of the Chief Electoral Officer Maharashtra, and click on the option links shared below, which appears on the Home Page of .
1. Click on the Option Summary Revision 2019 – Draft Electoral Roll (Partwise) on the Home Page

  • From the dropdown menu you will be asked to “Select District”
  • After that, you will need to select your Assembly Constituency from the dropdown menu. It will appear by number and name e.g. 185 – Malabar Hill
  • You will then need to select your “Part”. The “Part” is a number allotted to buildings in a particular locality. The parts will appear in number along with the name of the street. If you have your Voter ID Card, you can check it for your “Part” number
  • Then click “Open PDF” and your Electoral Roll will appear
  • Names in the Roll appear building wise so you need to scroll down and check


2. Click on the option Search your Name in Draft Electoral Roll 2019 on the Home Page

  • The screen will ask you to Search Your Name by “Name Wise” or “ID Card Wise”
  • To select by “Name Wise”, you need to choose your District and /or Assembly, then fill in your Name, Surname, Middle Name and click Search. Your name and other details will appear. It is possible that other people with the same name may appear, however as the age of person, gender, polling station address and family is also given, you will be able to identify yourself quite easily. Click on the PDF section which will then take you to the appropriate Electoral Roll
  • To select by “ID Card Wise”, you need to choose your District and then fill in your ID number, which is given in the Voter ID Card and click Search. Your name and details will show and if you click on the PDF section it will then take you to the appropriate Electoral Roll