How to Report Stray Cattle?

In this remarkable rollercoaster we call life there are always ups and downs. Imagine a perfect day in Mumbai, a day when everything goes the way you planned, and on your way home you step in a heap of manure. Blaming stray cattle is the easy thing to do, but that will not clean up the streets.

As a routine, the Bombay Humanitarian League is expected to transport stray cattle outside the city and hand them over to needy farmers.

You can contact the Municipal Cattle Pound office to report stray cattle. The Cattle Pound office is very close to Industrial Estate, Kanchpada, Ramchandra Lane, Malad west. The contact numbers are 022 28820296 and 022 28808206.

In many cases, a claimant will declare ownership of such stray cattle. This claimant will be persecuted and the cattle will be branded before it is released into the custody of the claimant. If the branded cattle are found astray again, they will be seized and transported outside the city.


Source: This information was obtained from the MCGM publications