How to report a Fire or other Emergencies to the Fire Brigade?

Emergencies relating to fires, building collapses, train accidents, motor accidents, fallen trees and other emergencies where lives are endangered, are attended to by the Fire Department. The services are rendered for free within the Municipal Limits of Greater Mumbai by the Fire Brigade.

In case of an emergency, the Fire Brigade can be reached by calling (91)-22-23085991/2/3/4 or by calling 101.

The caller should be particularly careful while giving details such as the location of the emergency, the name of the street and the building, brief details of the incident and the telephone number from where the call is made.

It is advised that the caller should keep the telephone free for a short while and remain nearby to enable the Fire Brigade control room to confirm the call by calling back.


Source: This information was obtained from the MCGM publications.


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