How to Help the Police Keep Us Safe?

Safety is imperative in the case of in all aspects of life. Even though the Police Department is responsible for keeping us safe there are a few ways you, the Citizens of Mumbai can help the authorities. For instance, if a criminal is being chased you should do the following:

  1. Give way to the police immediately
  2. If possible, note down the number of the escaping vehicle and the identity of the occupants
  3. Remember the entry and exit routes of the criminals


The following are a few ways you can help the Police Department keep you safe:

1)      In the case of residential areas


  1. Make it a point to always hire qualified experienced security guards for your homes.
  2. Check the security guard’s antecedents and credentials before hiring him/her.
  3. Employ different security guards for day and night duties.
  4. Check the antecedents and credentials or domestic servants before hiring them. Insist on references from their previous employers and submit their particulars the police station.
  5. It is important to inform the police about any suspicious happening or unclaimed object found in suspicious circumstances. Extend full cooperation to the police.
  6. A special register should be maintained in every society and kept in the custody of the security guard or in the society’s office. Whenever Police officers visit the area, they should get an entry in such registers.
  7. Secretaries of Housing Societies should brief all the security guards about various aspects of security. Some of these are:
  • To make an enquiry if a taxi or auto-rickshaw is seen parked inside the compound or outside the building for a long time.
  • To inform the Police in case they find any vehicle parked inside the building (if ownership is not known) for a long time.

Secretaries of Housing Societies are advised to brief all residents on the following:

  • Whenever they employ a new servant, the local police station should be informed. His or her photographs, fingerprints and other details should be obtained and submitted to local police station.
  • They should be advised to install a door with iron bars inside the flat, superior quality night latches and special eye lens on the main door.   Ideally, interaction with strangers and vendors should be through the grilled door. High wattage light source with pilfer proof cover outside the main door should be installed.
  • They should not keep huge amounts of cash, valuable ornaments etc., in the house.
  • They should avoid discussing money transactions and other important family matters in the presence of servants or outsiders.
  • They should not humiliate servants on petty matters. Nor should they penalize them for small damages.


2) In the case of commercial areas

  1. Hire security personnel from reputed agencies only.
  2. Use transport for carrying all valuables. If you regularly carry money, or any other precious commodities, periodically change your route.
  3. Avoid cash payments as far as possible, especially in the presence of servants  and outsiders
  4. Do not talk loudly on the telephone (especially cellular phones) about money matters.
  5. All security personnel, including lift men should be thoroughly briefed on various aspects of security.
  6. Wherever possible use CCTV and other electronic alarm systems.
  7. Inform the Police about any suspicious happening or unclaimed object lying for a long time.


Source: This information was obtained from the website of the Mumbai Police –