Greening the Grey Through Rooftop Gardens

The colour green is one of the most popular colours in the world. Green is in fact a very relaxing and peaceful colour and is predominantly associated mother nature. As industrialization spreads across the world we are killing forests, making our lives dull and gray.


Green is an important colour and is the ideal shade that should be added to the depressing city of gray. Many households individually create their own gardens in their compounds, balconies and terraces, thus helping purify the air and in greening the gray.

Rooftop gardens are gaining popularity across the city and those with enough space can begin as soon as possible. Imagine your terrace as the green merges with the multicolor of different flowers and leaves, amidst all the grey, a goal worth striving for. You can also do this in your balcony and your locality, but a terrace garden has its own charm.


With your busy schedule you must find the time to nurture all the plants, as it is a life depending on you to grow.

Attending to your terrace garden is actually an easy process once you dedicate a fixed amount of time to you garden on a regular basis. The problem of less sunlight will not be a problem, unless taller buildings are blocking the rays of the sun. The garden must be watered every day, but in the winters you can water it every alternate day.

Changing the soil can sometimes be a long and monotonous process but it needs to be done. In some cases it is done once a year, but every six months is ideal. The plants need to be trimmed on a regular basis and to improve the quality of the soil you can use cow dung and vermin-compost.

This is a very simple way to add joyful green to boring gray, in the process, bringing a kind of peace to your busy life.