Social Sanchar

Citizens have been using the Web Portal to help themselves, but we felt that Technology needs to be used more extensively, for bringing Citizens closer to the Government by enabling easy interaction with the Officials, using an online interactivelive talk show – our Social Sanchar.
These Social Sanchars are designed for Citizens to easily interact with Government Officials. It is very necessary for all of us to get involved to help ourselves, by identifying the problem issues, working with all stake holders, and finding a solution which is both Implementable and Sustainable.
Our Social Sanchars make this interaction easy, affordable and real through actual LIVE EVENTS, by mixing a variety of inputs such as live cameras, recorded videos, graphics, images, logos, tickers, Skype videos, Google Hangouts videos, Twitter feeds and SMS messages!!
It enables the online internet audience to connect with the on-stage / in-auditorium audience, from WHEREVER they are, thus bringing Citizens togetherwith Government Officials and making such events truly all inclusive.

Upcoming Social Sanchar Event

Concluded Social Sanchar Events

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