Two-wheeler menace: Keep offenders waiting for hours, says Transport Minister Diwakar Raote

To curb the ongoing biker menace, on Tuesday, Maharashtra Transport Minister Diwakar Raote suggested that at least in Mumbai, traffic police must continue nabbing two-wheeler riders who breach traffic rules and keep them waiting for a good few hours to teach them a lesson.

In the past three years, 12,931 people riding two-wheelers lost their life across Maharashtra.
“Unfortunately, 70 per cent of deaths due to road accidents involve two-wheelers. Even in Mumbai, we see two-wheeler riders riding dangerously. The traffic police should continue punishing two-wheeler riders who breach rules. Rather than levying fine, they should be made to wait in a corner for one to two hours, before letting them go. In this city, time is everything, and this is the only way they will learn to respect rules,” said Diwakar Raote, state Transport Minister, at an event marking the end of the Road Safety Fortnight.