State Environment Minister Ramdas Kadam pays surprise visit, fines Siddhivinayak temple vendors for plastic use

Ramdas Kadam was visiting the temple for darshan; 20 shops surveyed; six vendors pay Rs 5,000 each; 25 tonnes of plastic seized from Chinchpokli, Malad and Bhiwandi.

State environment minister Ramdas Kadam, who had earlier used a lenient approach towards usage of thermocol items during Ganesh Chaturthi, was in no mood to spare flower and coconut vendors at Siddhivinayak temple in Prabhadevi on Wednesday. Visiting the temple for darshan, Kadam came down heavily on puja item vendors using plastic bags. Six shopkeepers outside the temple premises had to cough up Rs 5,000 each after Kadam’s surprise crackdown.