Residents of South Mumbai highlight sorry state of footpaths, traffic

Even as the rains are ready to lash the city in a day or two, residents of south Mumbai have raised concerns over the bad state of footpaths and traffic in the area. Residents of Colaba have been drawing the attention of the authorities towards the sorry state of footpaths in the area, while Cuffe Parade residents have voiced concerns over the traffic problem. “The footpaths continue to be in poor condition. All the roads are still dug up. This monsoon seems to be the worst ever monsoon that will be there. No one is accountable here. When you know that this kind of concretisation takes time, why even start the work. The condition of footpaths is worst because no one can walk and they are in a total mess. Both, the BMC and police are hands in glove,” said Pervez Cooper, a resident of Colaba.