Who in the MCGM Deals With the Environment?

The Environment Sanitation and Project Department of the MCGM is now known as Environment Department. This department is divided into three divisions and deals with various activities as follows:

1)      Enforcement:

Hotels RMC plants, conclusion sites, swimming pools and other establishments aspects and monitoring of various pollution abatements schemes installed by them. Proposals of the establishment of new industries, expansion of existing industries, sanction of additional power, change of activity, renewal of factory permits from environmental aspects and proposals for installation of boilers, furnaces, Diesel Generating sets, electric ovens, bakeries, flour mills, change of fuels, approvals of kitchen exhaust schemes for hotels etc are scrutinised by this office from environmental aspects. Effluent treatment plants for industries, sewage treatment plants for housing complexes, filtration plants for swimming pools are also dealt with and complaints of air, water and noise pollution nuisance attend and control measures suggested.


2)      Emission Inventory Group: 

Analysis of raw/ treated effluents generated from industrial organization ns and start monitoring of polluting establishments to measure the concentration of air pollutants, measurement of noise levels due to industrial activity, carrying out emission inventory of various industries in Mumbai and PUC of municipal vehicles.


3)      Air Quality and Research Laboratory

Measures levels of SO2, NO2, CO2aresuspended in a particulate manner and other pollution parameters in Ambient Air and informing the concerned authorities, so as to assist them in implementing pollution abatement schemes/ actions and preparation of ESR report and handing it over to corporations for sanction and then releasing the same.  This department encourages shifting of non-conforming industries to conforming zones to segregate the industrial activity from commercial and residential areas.


In case of problems of above nature, this department staff can be contacted at the office of Dy.Ch.Engr. (Civil) Environment, 3rd floor, Municipal New Transport Garage Building, Near Hindu Cemetery. Dr. E. Moses Road, Worli, Mumbai 400 018, Tel. No. – (91)-22-24923462, (91)-22-24935688/93 with Extn – 2303, 2304.


Source: This information was obtained from the MCGM Civic Diary.