What are the Fines Levied by the MCGM?

Mumbai is the commercial capital of India, and as we journey across the city, either for work or for personal engagements, we are often amazed by the marvel called Mumbai. On the other hand, there is a lot we witness in the city, that doesn’t leave a good feeling in our hearts.

As Citizens of this City, it is our duty to keep it clean, but not everyone follows this belief.  On most days we see people urinating on walls, littering the roads and spitting wherever they desire, although they are all punishable offences. Even when you walk your dog, you are expected to clean up the mess or else pay a hefty fine.

There are many episodes such as these where the perpetrator is legally supposed to pay a fine and following are a few examples of such instances:


Activity Fine (Rs)
Spitting 200
Urinating 200
Defecating 100
Littering 200
Car Washing 1,000
Pet litter 500
Parking while sweeping 100
Bird and Animal feeding 500
Non-segregation – Hazardous Waste 1,000 – 10,000
Non-segregation – Garden Waste 100
Non-segregation – Bio-medical Waste 20,000
Non-segregation – Bio-degradable Waste 100


Source: This information was obtained from the website of the MCGM – http://www.mcgm.gov.in/