How does the Mumbai Traffic Police manage Traffic?

Mumbai with its unique topography and its ever increasing population and number vehicles, has created an ongoing Traffic Management Challenge of major proportions!

When we speak about Traffic Management, in the simplest terms, it means creating a safe and systematic traffic flow. Steering various traffic streams efficiently and comprehensibly is the key to good Traffic Management. All solutions created to achieve such standards, should be intelligent, efficient, and sustainable.

It would be important to mention here that in developing efficient solutions to traffic challenges, the Mumbai Traffic Police (MTP) keeps certain components in perspective. Some notable ones are listed below:


Traffic Flow Information

Rerouting Management

Management around construction sites

Management of traffic flows during times of festivals and events

Movement in the event of an Incident

Management of heavy vehicular (container and oversized packages) movement

Optimization of Public Transport

Optimising parking management (working with MCGM)

Optimising the use of ICT and use of CCTV coverage


The Mumbai Traffic Police has now introduced, and integrated, various initiatives, which now enables better Traffic Management. Some of these are:

  • Live Video Conferencing
  • Multimedia Centre
  • VMS
  • Smart Mobile Apps
  • E Challan
  • Smart GPS System
  • Advanced Cranes Hydraulic and Hippo
  • CCTV enforcement for Traffic Management
  • Awareness & Educational Programs
  • Automated Traffic Control Signals
  • Alcobooths Breath Analyses
  • Group SMS system
  • Advanced Speed Guns
  • Reflective Jacket
  • PA Systems


To ensure transparency and easy interaction for citizens with the Traffic Police Department, there is also:

  •   A 24/7 information helpline of the MTP. Just call 84-54-999-999.
  •   A new email address: to enquire into complaints of corruption and malpractices found in the Mumbai Traffic branch.
  •   A Multimedia Cell which can be contacted at

Notwithstanding all of the above, the success of Mumbai’s Traffic Management depends on the level of active participation of all us citizens.

The most recent appeal to citizens from Mumbai Traffic Police is to participate and volunteer a short amount of time and be a Traffic Guide.

To apply click here:

For greater understanding of the Mumbai Traffic Police Department, you can start by clicking here