How does the MCGM control certain Trades, Cinema Houses & Theatres?

Certain trades like restaurants, sweetmeat stores, pan shops, bakeries etc are controlled by the Public Health Department by imposing requirement of licenses under section 394 of BMC Act as well as under provisions of Maharashtra Prevention of Food Adulteration Rules, 1962.

The trades like lodging, parlours, saloons, laundry shops, and washerman’s trade are also controlled by this department by imposing licenses under Section 394 of the BMC Act.

Cinema and theatre halls and auditoriums etc. are controlled by the Police Department by imposing a licence under the provisions of Maharashtra Cinema Regulation Act, 1953 and Rules for licensing and controlling places of Public Amusement Act, 1960.

The Health Department issues NOCs by ascertaining maintenance of requirement from public health point of view, at the time of issuance of new licenses, as well as at the time of annual renewal of licences by the Police Department.


Source: This information was obtained from the MCGM publications