How to Register Yourself as a Voter & How to Check if Your Name is on the Electoral Rolls

A Special Summary Revision Drive, for Voter Registration and Updating of Electoral (Voter) Rolls for persons to Register themselves as Voters, and for those who are already Registered, to check that their names are on the Electoral Rolls, has started from 1st September 2018 and will end on 31st October 2018.

V Citizens Action Network (VCAN), which is a Registered Not for Profit Organization functioning in the field of Citizen’s engagement with the Government, has been working with the Election Commission of India, through Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Maharashtra, as a Civil Society (CSO) Partner, to increase Voter awareness and turnout, along with our Networking Partners.

All Indian Citizens who will complete 18 years of age, as on 1st January 2019 and above, should register themselves as Voters, including Persons with Disabilities, as well as Persons who are of Third Gender.

All necessary information and links including the links to the website of CEO Maharashtra, to details given below, are provided on our Web Portal at: ELECTION 2019

How to Register Yourself as a Voter:

To register yourself as A Voter, you may directly go to the Designated Voters Help Centres (VHCs) which are also the designated office of your respective Assembly Constituency and submit your duly filled Form 6 by attaching separate documents; one showing proof of age and the other showing proof of residence as well as two photographs and submit OR register yourself online on

The following documents will be accepted:
For Proof of Age (any ONE):
Birth Certificate, Mark sheet of Class 10/8/5, Indian Passport, PAN Card, Driving License, Aadhar letter issued by UIDAI
For Proof of Residence (any ONE):
Indian Passport, Driving License, Bank/Kisan/Post Office current Pass Book, Ration Card, Income Tax Assessment Order, Rent Agreement, Water Bill, Telephone Bill, Electricity Bill, Gas Connection Bill, Post/Letter/Mail delivered through Indian Postal Department.

(Please submit different documents – for proof of age and for proof of residence. Just one document will not be accepted as proof for both).

Mumbai City area is covered under 2 Districts: Mumbai City and Mumbai Suburban. Each District is further divided into Assembly Constituencies (for Vidhan Sabha) and Parliamentary Constituencies (for Lok Sabha). To view the list of Constituencies of both Districts of Mumbai City, view the link

Here are the downloadable list of VHCs of: Mumbai City, Mumbai Suburban, Thane, Palghar , with the Officers names, addresses, and contact numbers. For all Districts of Maharashtra, the lists can be viewed on

Details of ALL the Prescribed Forms

Details of “How to” fill up the various prescribed FORMs are on
To Download the Forms go to

Form No. 6 – is for any eligible Indian Citizen 18 years of age or above can file claim for inclusion of his/her name in the roll i.e. Register as a Voter.
Form 6A – is for an overseas elector to fill to include his/her name.
Form No. 7 – is for raising an objection to somebody’s name or for deletion of his or any other person’s name in the Electoral Rolls.
Form No. 8 – is in case if any particulars in the electoral roll are to be modified; such as name, house number, middle name, last name, age, sex, epic number etc. a claim can be filed by filling this form.
Form No. 8A – is in case any Elector (Voter) has changed his/her house from the polling area of one booth to other booth in the same Assembly Constituency then he/she can file application in for change/transposition from one electoral part to other part.

How to Check if Your Name is on the Electoral Rolls

Having a Voter Identity (ID) Card does not automatically mean that you can vote.
To enable you to Vote, your name must appear in the Electoral Rolls. To make sure that your name is present in the Electoral Rolls, it is advised that you check your name in the Electoral Rolls.
In case your name had been deleted, Form 6 is required to be filled.

To view the Draft Electoral Rolls, click on the option links shared below, which appears on the Home Page of

1. Click on the Option Summary Revision 2019 – Draft Electoral Roll (Partwise) on the Home Page

⦁ From the dropdown menu you will be asked to “Select District”
⦁ After that, you will need to select your Assembly Constituency from the dropdown menu. It will appear by number and name e.g. 185 – Malabar Hill
⦁ You will then need to select your “Part”. The “Part” is a number allotted to buildings in a particular locality. The parts will appear in number along with the name of the street. If you have your Voter ID Card, you can check it for your “Part” number
⦁ Then click “Open PDF” and your Electoral Roll will appear
⦁ Names in the Roll appear building wise so you need to scroll down and check


2. Click on the option Search your Name in Draft Electoral Roll 2019 on the Home Page

⦁ The screen will ask you to Search Your Name by “Name Wise” or “ID Card Wise”
⦁ To select by “Name Wise”, you need to choose your District and /or Assembly, then fill in your Name, Surname, Middle Name and click Search. Your name and other details will appear. It is possible that other people with the same name may appear, however as the age of person, gender, polling station address and family is also given, you will be able to identify yourself quite easily. Click on the PDF section which will then take you to the appropriate Electoral Roll
⦁ To select by “ID Card Wise”, you need to choose your District and then fill in your ID number, which is given in the Voter ID Card and click Search. Your name and details will show and if you click on the PDF section it will then take you to the appropriate Electoral Roll

The concerned Officers are presently sitting at their designated Voters Help Centres (VHCs) and Citizens are urged to register themselves as Voters and those who are registered, to check their names are on the Electoral Rolls.

Source: This information is an extract from the ‘Website of Chief Electoral Officer Maharashtra –’