How to Get a Tree Trimmed?

Trees are a blessing in this city, but can also be a burden for Citizens. For instance, a fallen branch of a tree can cause major damage to property, traffic obstructions and even a loss of life. To avoid such problems, trees need to be trimmed regularly.

The Municipal Corporation is the Authority that issues permission for trimming trees. There is a set procedure to follow in order to trim trees, which depends on whether the tree is on private property or on public property such as a public road or footpath.


1) Trees on Private Property

It is your responsibility to inform the MCGM about a tree on your land in case it poses at a threat to citizens. The MCGM will then visit your property and inspect the tree before permitting you trim or cut the tree.                                                     

NOTE: The owner of the property will be held accountable for any injuries or death of citizens due to an untrimmed tree.

2) Trees on Public Property

If you think that a tree on the public road or pavement poses at a threat to citizens, you need to inform the MCGM who will verify the matter and take the necessary action.


Where do I apply?
Visit the CFC (Citizen Facilitation Centre) closest to you. CFCs are situated in all the 24 Ward Offices.

How do I apply?
Fill an application form along with required documents and fees at the CFC.

What documents do I need?
• Location Map marking the position of the tree
• Serial No. of the tree
• Photograph of the tree
• Registration Copy if Applied Online

How long will it take?
The application and documents need to be validated, so seven days after the submission date.


Source: This information was obtained from the MCGM.


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