How to get a Nursing Home and Sonography Registration?

The Health Department is an administrative department of MCGM that is responsible for registrations of private / public Nursing Homes and Sonography centres. It is mandatory to register with Health department. The applicant must apply to the MOH (Medical Officer, Health) of the concerned ward before starting the nursing home / sonography centre.

Who approves a Nursing Home and Sonography Registration?

  • The Medical Health Officer (Health Department) of the Ward nearest to the Nursing Home and Sonography Registration

How to Apply for a Nursing Home and Sonography Registration?

  • Visit the Citizen Facilitation Center (CFC) of the concerned Ward.
  • Fill and submit a Health License Form-C, completed and signed along with required documents and fees at the CFC.

What happens at the CFC?

  • The application is assigned to and processed by the Department Head (MoH) of Health Department at the concerned Ward.
  • After site inspection and approval of the application, the scheduled fees are collected and the license is issued to the applicant.


The following are the different documents required to obtain a Nursing Home and Sonography Registration:

Registration, Renewal, Transfer and Change of Nursing Home:

 Serial No.  Document


 Proof of Possession
1. Registered Purchase Agreement OR
2. Leave License Agreement OR
3. Rent Receipt OR
4. Society Maintenance Receipt


 Proof of Change of User.
If No, Photocopy of Application sent to MCGM for the same.


 NOC from Society Premises, If Applicable.


 Registration Certificate of the Doctor from MMC.


 Registration Certificate of the Nurse from Nursing Council.


 Registration under Air Pollution Control Board for Disposal of Biomedical Waste.


Registration and Renewal of Sonography Centre:

 Serial No.  Document


 Registered Purchase Agreement.


 Leave License Agreement.


 Rent Receipt.


 Society Maintenance Receipt.


 Certificate of the Doctor MMBS / Post Graduate Certificate.


 Radiology Degree / Diploma Certificate.


 Duly Notarized Affidavit on Rs.100/-.


 Invoice of the Sonography Machine.


 Experience Certificate of the person Conducting Sonograhpy if Applicable.


Approving Authority Medical Officer, Health (Health Department)
Processing Duration Nil for Duplicate certificate application as the certificate will be delivered at the time of submission of valid application along with applicable fees.
Seven days (per scrutiny level) for all other applications from the date of submission of valid application along with required documents.
Application Scrutiny Levels Single level for Renewal and Duplicate certificate application
Two levels scrutiny for all other applications


Fees Applicable:

For Sonography applications: Schedule Fee payable at the time of submission of applications.
For Nursing Home applications: Schedule fees payable after approval of applications by the competent authority.


Source: This information was obtained from the MCGM