How to get a Dog Licence?

Pet Dog licensing is an important tool for Rabies Control as the licenses are issued only after a valid rabies vaccination certificate is shown. As soon as you vaccinate you dog, hurry to your local Ward office and get a Dog Licence. This licence must be acquired within six months of getting your dog.


Who issues a Dog License?

  • Dog licenses are approved by the MoH (Medical Office, Health) of your nearest Ward Office.


How to Apply for a Dog License?

  • Download the form from or click here.
  • You can also collect the form from the MoH, at the concerned Ward Office.
  • Fill and submit the form to the MoH.
  • The license can be acquired on the day you apply.


How much does a Dog License cost?

  • You can acquire a Dog license for Rs.100 /-
  • If the Dog is older than the age of one, the cost of Rs. 100 /-  is multiplied by the age of the Dog.


Source: This information was obtained from the MCGM.