How to get a Dog Licence?


As per Section 191 (A) and 191 (B) of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act 1888, it is mandatory to have a Licence to keep a dog. MCGM Dog Licences and their renewal are now available online through the MCGM Web Portal. Information is also made available at MCGM Ward Offices and Private Veterinary Clinics.


Please follow the following easy steps to apply for a Dog Licence or to renew your dog’s old Licence, online.


MCGM Dog Licence Application Process Flow Chart Dec 2018

Application Process Flow Chart


However, please keep in mind the following points:

  1. The Dog owner must get his /her dog vaccinated against rabies regularly as per the advice of a Veterinary Surgeon.
  2. The Dog owner must keep his dog under control at all times and should leash while taking it out for a walk.
  3. Dog owners shall get their dogs regularly checked by the Veterinary Surgeons & ensure that they do not suffer from any infectious disease.
  4. In case of change of ownership of the dog, the Licence should be submitted to the concerned Ward Office for updating.
  5. Please submit all necessary documents while renewing the Licence.
  6. Licence should be cancelled in case of death or if the dog is lost.
  7. Licence Fee for the remaining period under such circumstances will not be refunded.
  8. Licence is not transferable. However, ownership of the said dog is transferable.
  9. Owners are especially requested to ensure that their dog is not a nuisance to others.
  10. Owners must ensure proper disposal or clean-up of their dog’s litter (poop), failure of which will be punishable as per Model Sanitation By-Laws 2006 made under Section 461 (EE) of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act. Dog owners must carry a poop-scooper when taking their dogs out for a walk.
  11. If the owner does not clean up their dog’s litter, they may be fined Rs. 500 for Pet Animal Littering as per the Greater Mumbai Cleanliness and Sanitation By-Laws 2006, Section 7.5.


Information provided by the MCGM Veterinary Health Department