How to Get a Death Certificate?

Upon the Death of a family member it is the responsibility of other family members to take care of all the legalities. The foremost legal document required upon a person’s death is the Death Certificate.  A Death Certificate is important for all legal formalities including obtaining an Heirship Certificate, family pension, insurance etc. The Death Certificate can also be used to claim of family pension and Insurance.


Who issues a Death Certificate?

  • A Death Certificate is issued by the MCGM through the concerned Ward Office and the officer concerned is the Medical Officer, Health (MOH) of the concerned Ward.


How to acquire a death certificate?

  • When a person dies, a medical doctor has to certify that death has occurred, and state the cause of death in writing.
  • If the deceased has passed away at home, you can collect this letter from your family physician or local doctor.
  • If he or she passed away at the hospital, you can collect the letter from the attending doctor. This will allow you to make arrangements for their last rites. This letter has to be submitted at the place where the last rites are to be performed.
  • After the last rites takes place, the concerned crematorium / cemetery is required to forward the letter to the local Ward Office where the death of the person will be then registered. The Death Certificate will then be issued.


When and where to collect the certificate from?

  • To obtain the Death Certificate you must collect an application form from the MOH of deceased’s Local Ward office. Fill the application form and submit with the required documents to:
    • If the deceased individual was born before 1996 submit the form to the MOH along with the required fees. A registration number will be provided which needs to be presented to the MOH when you collect your Death Certificate.
    • If the deceased individual was born after 1996 submit the form to the CFC along with the required fees. A registration number will be provided which needs to be presented to the CFC when you collect your Death Certificate.


  • The Death Certificate can be acquired on the day after the funeral from the local Ward office, but the process could take a couple of days. When you visit the Ward Office, be sure to carry the doctor’s letter along with you in order to obtain the certificate.


Points to remember:

  • Most records after the year 1996 are available in the system
  • The registration number provided by the Hospital or Nursing home should be kept safely. This is used to check the records.
  • Criteria like name of the deceased, gender, date of death, ward, father’s name, mother’s name or hospital name can be used in case you lose your registration number.
  • You can collect as many copies as you desire.
  • To avoid spelling errors in the Death Certificate write the name of the deceased in both English and in Marathi when filling the application.

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Source: This information has been provided by the MCGM