What are the functions of the License Department?

The License Department is an administrative department of the MCGM and issues licenses in consultation with and advice from other technical advisory departments like, the Fire Brigade, Health, Engineering, Estates, etc. With a view to safeguard public property and life, the license department functions are as follows:


Licensing of Trades and Storages:

The Licensing trades / Storages specifies in the schedule ‘M’ appended to section 394 of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act, 1888 are being controlled by the license department.

According to rules and regulations of the corporation and as per section 497 of Mumbai Municipal Corporation hazard Act 1888, licenses for trades and storages are granted. Under section 471 of Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act, 1888, the persons carrying on activities and trades and keeping unauthorized storage are fined in the court of law.

Further if the unauthorized trades and storages are in nature of health hazard then after obtaining remarks from Chief Fire Office and MOH (Medical Officer, Health) of the ward, seizure action under section 394(4) of Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act, 1888, is initiated.

If the goods are hazardous and dangerous and posing fire risks to life and property and if it is causing nuisance and health hazard, the goods or commodities are seized under section 516AA of Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act, 1888 and Concerned the person is arrested by making ‘Panchnama’ with the help of the Police.

By relaxing conditions to grant license under section 394 of Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act, 1888, a window system was introduced on 15th August 2001. In this said system, licenses were granted under section 394 of Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act, 1888, to those who have produced the NOC from the Chief Fire Officer and proof of building already constructed prior to 1st January 1995.

Afterward, SAP system has been adopted by the MCGM for computerization on the 1st of July 2007 to grant licenses wherein licenses are being issued under section 394 of Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act, 1888, as per checklist.

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Control of projections:

Projection such as weather frames, stall boards, showcases, rolling shutters etc attached to shops and projecting on the Municipal roads / footpaths are being controlled under section 313 (1)(b)(c) of Mumbai Corporation Act, 1888. In this regard if shop owners produce evidence to show physical as well as legal possession of the premises then the licenses are granted as per rules decided in this case for projection such as showcases, weather frame, stall board, over hanging awning, rolling shutter box etc and renewed on yearly basis.   

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The Municipal Corporation of greater Mumbai has formulated revised policy guidelines on 10th January, 2008 to enhance the ascetic beauty of the city by modifying the earlier policy guidelines in the year 2000 on the grant of permission for display of sky signs and advertisement under sections 328 and 328A of Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act, 1888.

The aim is to improve the quality of advertisement at par with international standards. Specific clauses in respect to size of hoardings, structure and distance between two hoardings are included with a view to increase aesthetic beauty to Greater Mumbai. In order to control indiscriminate display of hoardings in Mumbai and to enable checking of mushrooming of hoardings and to reduce clutter, the minimum distance is now 20 metres.

Taking public safety into consideration, restrictions are imposed on erecting one upon one hoarding as well as clubbing of hoardings and ordered removal of all projections of the hoarding on footpath/ road or outside the building line.

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Source: This information was obtained from the MCGM publications