What are some Common Offences Related to Driving?

Transportation is the need of today’s individuals and therefore use of vehicles is inevitable. However, one must think twice before putting one’s vehicle on the road.

Many times, the journey is either within walking distance, or an alternate public transport system is available. In such cases, always prefer a public transport system facility like Buses, Taxis or Auto rickshaws or Metro Trains. By so doing, one can avoid unnecessary use of personalised vehicles, which in turn help in reducing air & noise pollution on roads, leads to lesser congestion on roads and conservation of precious resource -the fuel.

When on the road, one must be courteous and respect the rights of other road users. Safe driving, obeying all traffic rules and co-operating with the traffic regulators is part of road manners that one must have. Unnecessary honking, rash driving, racing on road, incorrect parking causing inconvenience on road and are things which must be avoided.

Regular maintenance of your vehicle keeps it fit on roads; so also reduces the air pollution. The use of helmets, seat belts and the MSM (Mirror Signal Movement) technique for safe driving are good habits on road.

In case of accidents, avoid road rage. Always give highest priority to the medical help to accident victims. Even if you are not involved in an accident, and are just a passerby, please stop & help the accident victims. Recent directives from Supreme Court; makes mandatory to all doctors to extend immediate help to road accident victims without insisting any paperwork whatsoever. The police across the country have been directed by the Supreme Court not to harass the citizens who help accident victims at the spot. Moreover, any road accident victim can lodge claim for compensation, in Motor Accident Claim Tribunal (MACT) formed especially for the purpose.

The validity of the Insurance Certificate for a vehicle is generally one year. Everyone must be aware of the validity of Insurance Certificate of his or her vehicle, and must be prompt to renew it in time.

The following are some of the different offences and penalties related to Driving or owning a Vehicle:



Nature of offence

Section of M.V. Act 88

Type of vehicles

Offender liable to pay

Compounding fee (Rs)


General offences 177 All vehicles Whoever commits the offence



Travelling without ticket 178 (1) All stage carriages Whoever travels without pass or ticket



Refuses to supply a ticket or supplies an invalid ticket 178 (2) All stage carriages Conductor



Refuses to ply or to carry the passengers 178 (3)


All contract carriages 1) 2 & 3 wheelers
2) Other than 2 & 3 wheelers

1) 50

2) 200


Disobedience of orders, obstruction and refusal of information 179 All vehicles


Whoever commits the offence



Allowing unauthorised person to drive vehicles 180 All vehicles Owner or person in charge of vehicle



Driving vehicles without valid licence 181 All vehicles Person driving



Obtaining driving licence not been entitled or who is disqualified 182 (1) Person committing the offence



Obtaining conductor’s licence not been entitled or who is been disqualified 182 (2) All stage carriages Conductors



Driving at excessive speed 183 (1) (2) All vehicles Driver & owner

200 each


Driving dangerously 184 All vehicles Driver



Driving when mentally or physically unfit to drive 186 All vehicles Driver



Racing and trials of speed without permission 189 All vehicles 1.Person taking part in the race or trial

2. Person permitting race or trial.

300 each


Using vehicle in violation of pollution norms 190 (2) All vehicles Driver and owner

500 each


Sale of a vehicle or alteration of vehicle in contravention to provisions of motor vehicles laws 191 All vehicles Person committing the offence



Using vehicle without registration 192 (1) 1) 2 wheelers

2)  other than 2 wheeler

1)    Driver & owner

2)    Driver & owner

1) 300 each
2) 1000 each


Driving vehicle exceeding permissible load 194 All vehicles except 2 wheelers Driver and Owner

2000+1000 per ton (or part thereof ) of excess load each


Driving uninsured vehicle 196 All vehicles  

Driver and owner


300 each


Unauthorised entry into the vehicle or tampering of a mechanism of a vehicle 198 All vehicles  

Person committing the offence




Talking on mobile phone while driving


250 (A) M.M.V rules All vehicles Driver 200



Source: This information has been obtained from http://mahatranscom.in/