How to Check the Voter List and Candidates’ Information for MCGM Elections 2017

For the 2017 Mumbai Municipal Elections, the State Election Commission (SEC) has set up several interactive websites for the use and convenience of the Voters. These websites enable Citizens to check their names on the Electoral Roll (Voter List), find their Electoral Ward and Polling Booth, and view their Candidates’ affidavits, among other things. They also offer several helpful features for the Candidates themselves.

Simple step by step guides for checking your Name on the Electoral Roll (Voter List), your Polling Booth, Electoral Ward and viewing information about your Candidates have been given below.


How to Check your Name on the Voter List:

Step 1: Click on the following link:

Step 2: You have an option to either check your details according to your name or according to your Voter ID card no. Select either one to show further options.

Step 3: Regardless of the option you choose, the next three steps are the same.

Step 4: Select your district. If you are living in Mumbai you must either select ‘Mumbai City’ or ‘Mumbai Surburban’ depending on where you stay.

Step 5: Select your Assembly Constituency. This is the same as your Constituency for the Vidhan Sabha (State Assembly) Elections.

Step 6: For ‘Select Local Body’ select Municipal Corporations. For ‘Select Local Body Name’ select MCGM.

Step 7: Depending on whether you have selected searching Name Wise or ID Card Wise, enter your name or Voter Card (EPIC) ID no. respectively.

Step 8: Click ‘search’

Step 9: Your name and other information, including the address of your Polling Booth should be displayed. Please note that if you are searching name wise, multiple voters with the same name may be displayed. In this case, simply check the other criteria to find your name.


How to Check your Candidates’ Information:

Step 1: Click on the following link:

Step 2: For ‘Local Body’ select Municipal Corporation.

Step 3: For ‘Division’ select Konkan. Mumbai and its Surburbs fall under the Konkan division.

Step 4: For ‘District’ select Mumbai City or Mumbai Surburban.

Step 5: For ‘Municipal Corporation Name’, select BruhanMumbai Mahanagar Palika.

Step 6: For ‘Election Programme Name’, select BruhanMumbai Mahanagar Palika.

Step 7: For ‘Ward’ please select your Electoral Ward no. You may check your Electoral Ward no. from the Electoral Rolls using the procedure mentioned in the section above ‘How to Check your Name on the Voter List’.

Step 8: Click search.

Step 9: All the Candidates whose nomination has been accepted in your ward will be listed. You may click next to each name to view the affidavit with all their information that they have filed with the State Election Commission.


After following all of the steps given above, don’t forget to go out and VOTE on 21st February!!

Get your friends and family members to VOTE as well!!