How to Check if Your Name is on the Electoral Rolls?

Having a Voter Identity (ID) Card does not automatically mean that you can vote or that your name appears in the Electoral Rolls. To enable you to Vote your name must appear in the Electoral Rolls. To make sure that your name is present in the Electoral Rolls, it is advised that you check the list beforehand.

Please note: Electoral Rolls are frozen 10 days before the last date of filling nominations. Once the Rolls are frozen, only those whose names appear in the Rolls will be able to Vote.

To check the Electoral Rolls for your name and details, visit the website of the Chief Electoral Officer Maharashtra here.


To view the list you must either:

1. Click on the option “Final Electoral Roll 2014 PDFs (Partwise)” on the Home Page.

a)      From the dropdown menu you will be asked to “Select District” ( if you are staying in the Island City you need to choose your District – Mumbai City and if you are in the Suburbs then choose your District – Mumbai Suburban)

b)      After that, you will need to select your Assembly Constituencyfrom the dropdown menu. It will appear by number and name e.g 185 – Malabar Hill

c)      You will then need to select your “Part”. The “Part” is a number allotted to buildings in a particular locality. The Parts will appear in number along with the name of the street. If you have your Voter ID Card, you can check it for your “Part” number.

d)      Then click “Open PDF” and your Roll will appear.

e)      Names in the Roll appear building wise so you need to scroll down and check.


2. Click on the option “Search your Name in Final Electoral Roll 2014” on the Home Page.

a)      The screen will ask you to Search Your Name By “Name Wise” or “ID Card Wise”.

b)      To select by “Name Wise”, you need to choose your District and /or Assembly, then fill in your Name, Surname, Middle Name and click Search. Your name and other details will appear. It is possible that other people with the same name may appear, however as the age of person, gender, polling station address and family is also given, you will be able to identify yourself quite easily. Click on the PDF section which will then take you to the appropriate Roll.

c)      To select by “ID Card Wise”, you need to choose your District and then fill in your ID number, which is given in the Voter ID Card and click Search. Your name and details will show and if you click on the PDF section it will then take you to the appropriate Roll.

It is easy to check your name on the Electoral Rolls, please do so since if your name isn’t on the list, you cannot vote. Be a Proud Voter!