Get Involved

The Power to Change, and Build Better Lives, begins with the actions of one individual. Every good cause requires a great Leader and the Leader is only as powerful as His or Her Team. V Citizens Action Network (VCAN) believes that, our solving peoples’ problems is less effective than providing them the tools to solve it for themselves. Therefore the need for many to “Get Involved”.


VCAN’s mission ranges from the issue of managing solid waste generated in homes to bridging the gap between the Citizens of Mumbai and Government Bodies like the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM), Police, RTO and other such departments!


There are several issues that the Citizens of Mumbai face on a daily basis. No doubt the MCGM is indeed responsible for rendering efficient services; however they have severe limitations which prevent them from giving the Citizens what they rightly deserve. VCAN has being working with the concerned Government Bodies for quite some time and now it is most necessary for many Citizens to come forward and join us too.


We invite you to please volunteer a little bit of your time and your expertise in your chosen area and help make the City of Mumbai a better place. No matter what your Role is; Student, Parent, Working Professional, Senior Citizen, Homemaker, the issues of Mumbai affect us all. You can be part of our movement in various ways.


You Can:

  • Volunteer with us and help us with our administrative work.
  • Generate Financial help by either giving Donations yourself or generating donations from others  – V Citizens Action Network (VCAN) is registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950, and has been granted 80G certificate under the Income Tax Act, 1961, hence all donations are eligible for the tax exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.
  • Write articles on various issues which could then be featured in the portal.
  • Share links with us that gives us information on various issues.
  • Help us organise events on relevant issues or partner with us when organizing events of your own.
  • Help in Networking with other organisations so that all of us can share knowledge and multiply our impact.
  • Be a Resource Person with us by sharing your expertise in specialised fields.
  • Help us create videos and audio visual content by sponsoring it yourself or volunteer your technical expertise.


If you are a college student or a young professional we are always on the lookout for interns to work with us on a full time or part time basis. You will have the opportunity of interacting with senior members of the Government Bodies and will gain an invaluable insight as to how the City functions. You will also be given a Certificate recognizing your contribution to a Charitable Trust.


If you are a Senior Citizen, please share your invaluable experience in whichever of the activities stated above.


If you are a working professional, we recognise that your free time comes at a premium but we welcome you to contribute in whatever way you can.


As A Woman, in whichever Role You are in, You are the Best Agent Of Change and the most Competent Multitasker, so Join Us and Let Us All Make a Better Life for Our Families, Homes, Neighbourhoods and the City.


Every drop of water makes the mighty ocean and every small contribution from you can and will enhance the lives of Citizens of Mumbai.  So join us and say TogetherVCAN!!