What You Need to Know About Mosquito Fogging

As we, the citizens of Mumbai take necessary steps towards safeguarding ourselves, our homes and our neighbourhoods, it is heart-warming to know that the MCGM is playing its part in order to create a mosquito free environment.

The most popular and so far the most efficient method used by the MCGM to mosquito proof society, is the process of fogging.  So far, the MCGM has 227 fogging machines in the city, carrying out daily operations in daily operation carried out in 227 Councilors’ electoral wards.

Each ward operates with two popular methods of fogging.

The first fogging method is called the Vehicle Mounted method.

Vehicle Mounted Fogging

Vehicle Mounted Fogging

In this method the fogging machine is attached to the back of a vehicle. The vehicle then drives through the designated area, while the fogging smoke is released from the machine, acting like a disinfectant in the case of mosquitoes.


The second method is the Shoulderable Method.

Shoulder Mounted Fogging

Shoulder Mounted Fogging

In this method, the fogging machine is carried on the shoulder of a civic employee. The benefit of the Shoulderable Method is easy access into narrow lanes where vehicles cannot enter. The Shoulderable Method takes a little longer, as it is done on foot.  By this method the smallest areas are easily accessed.

Each Municipal Ward has its own Councilors and in each Councilor’s ward a dedicated fogging machine is utilized as per given schedule. The respective Councilor’s are required to make their own schedule and inform the Pest Control Department to despatch the fogging machine that is dedicated to them. In case of an emergency situation the schedule can be amended to deal with such emergency.


Source: This information was obtained from the MCGM.