Waste Management – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

As we move on with our busy lives we are unaware of the harm we cause to the environment and the dangers of wastage. Any kind of wastage is regrettable and conscious steps need to be taken in order to avoid this wastage.

At home, there are quite of a lot of items that are unused while just lying around adding to the wastage. A lot of these items can be reused in many ways and in the process reduces wastage at home.


The following are some items that can be recycled:

  • Fax, Xerox, computer and office papers of no value
  • Old newspapers
  • Old notebooks
  • Old phone books
  • Magazines, catalogues and junk mail
  • Paper bags
  • Paper plates and party cups
  • Glass bottles
  • Aluminium Cans
  • Milk and juice cartons


In this hectic world, we look for quick remedies to get the best out of the day. But some of these remedies have harmful effects in the long run. With the help of simple changes in your daily life, you can in fact guarantee an excellent future, the future that you are working so hard for.

The following are a couple of changes that you can make in your daily life:

  • Pack lunch in a reusable container instead of zip lock plastic bags.
  • Carry a washable mug to work and avoid use of disposable plastic cups.
  • Sending memos and reports by e-mail is good for the environment.
  • In the case of printouts and Xerox copies, make use of both sides of the page.
  • Use all excess paper to make notes before purchasing a scratch pad.


Waste management begins with the segregation of different types of waste at your home. Once these separated wastes are outside your home it is the responsibility of the authorities. There are a few ways you can help the authorities with their work. For instance, if you rinse the milk and juice cartons before throwing in the bin, the team of rag pickers earn much more when they submit the cleans cartons.

Reducing the waste that leaves your house is a great way to help waste management.

The following are a few ways you can reduce trash at home:

  • Purchase products long before the expiration date, especially if you buy in bulk.
  • Try not to purchase a lot of tiny items and look for minimal packaging.
  • Use cloth hankies instead of paper tissues.
  • Replace disposable diapers with cloth diapers.
  • Modify and reuse metal aerated drink cans and big plastic cans as items at home.
  • Spare hanger spring clips can be used as paper clips.
  • Use a durable cloth market bag instead of a plastic bag.

We are all connected, and if every individual does his and her part, we are looking at a future of great possibilities.