The City Civil Court – Procedures, Jurisdictions, and Types of Cases


Bombay City Civil & Sessions Court

Bombay City Civil & Sessions Court



  • The City Civil Court similar to the other civil courts is governed by the Code of Civil Procedure.
  • 1908. The City Civil Court is subordinate to the District Court which in turn is subordinate to the High Court.
  • The difference between the jurisdiction of the City Civil Court and the Small Cause Court is that the City Civil Court may also try all suits of the civil nature which are mentioned in the Schedule II of Provincial Small Cause Courts Act, 1887 which cannot be tried by the Small Cause Court.
  • The City Civil Courts in Bombay can handle matters which involve sums upto Rs. 1 crore. Anything exceeding that shall be heard by the High Court of Bombay under its Original Jurisdiction. This Rule is specified in the Bombay High Court (Appellate Side) Rules, 1960.



The procedure and the documents required in the City Civil Court are the same as those required by the Small Cause Court of that State. Again these documents and procedures are specified in Order II & VII of the Civil Procedure Code, 1908 and have been discussed in the Small Cause Courts Section.



The Court fees to be paid by the applicant while filing a suit in the City Civil Court is specified either in that State’s High Court Rules or a law passed by the state government specifying the court fees.

For example: In Bombay the court fees for City Civil Courts is specified in Schedule-I appended to the Bombay Courts Act, 1959.

Follow this link to see the court fees chart for Bombay City Civil Courts:




Appeals against the decision of the City Civil Court can be made to the District Court or the High Court. To which court the appeal lies depends on the pecuniary jurisdiction and also the territorial jurisdiction of the appellate court.



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