The Benefits of Green

Trees and vegetation are really important for the environment and in cities the need for plant life has never been more significant. Plant life improves the quality of city life in many ways.

The following are a few benefits of greenery in the city:


1)      The Environment

The recent climatic changes have been quite drastic as the threat of global warming is quite unsettling. From this perspective, the more trees and vegetation we have in the city the better. For instance, more trees in the city help cool the land as they absorb carbon dioxide relieving us from the heat. Trees work as a natural cooling agent helping us save on electricity and energy. Trees also protect us from air pollutants and dust.

2)      Economics

The value of property increases if it is close to green areas like parks or surrounded by trees.

3)      Society 

Greenery positively affects the health of people from the city. More greenery results in green air which is a boon in the case of patients suffering from respiratory disorders like asthma. The availability of green patches encourages physical activity which is good for the heart. Jogging is a fruitful activity which keeps the body fit and with so much fresh air more people will jog and stay healthy.


It is really important that the citizens of this city work together and make Mumbai a clean and green city.