Simple Office Exercises

Got a job? In your office, do you get hooked to your computer for too long? Is sitting all day a lot harder for your body? It’s great to do exercises before or after office, but what if you could do some stretching while in office? Read on to know 5 simple stretches while at your desk.


5 Great Stretches At Your Desk!

1. Neck Roll
Lower your chin and slowly roll your head towards one shoulder, return to the centre then slowly roll to the opposite shoulder.

2. Back Twist
To do a seated twist, simply sit upright with your back erect, and slowly twist to one side from the waist, moving your waist, stomach, back, and shoulders all to one direction. Do vice-versa.

3. Upper back Shoulder Stretch
With shoulders relaxed, bring one arm across your body, using your hand to pull the arm towards your body until you feel a stretch in the upper back. Repeat with opposite arm.

4. Forearm/Wrist
Extend one arm out in front of your body, with fingers pointed up towards the ceiling. Use your other hand to gently pull back on your fingers until you feel a stretch in your forearm. Repeat stretch with opposite hand.

5. Standing Back Extension
Standing near your desk or work area, place your palms against your low back. Lean your upper body back,without arching your neck.


This information has been provided by Healthspring Community Medical Centres.