Important Tips on Building Safety

No non-violent crime is as devastating as coming home to find your apartment trashed, your precious belongings stolen and your personal space violated.

Apartment buildings are vulnerable to break-ins, theft and vandalism because criminals have many ways of getting in.

Common areas in your building may include lobbies, party rooms, recreational facilities, parking garages and storage areas. Thieves are tempted by items in storage areas, cars and contents.

You also play a role in ensuring that the common areas of your apartment complex are well maintained and secure. Immediately reporting problems to management, staying vigilant over what’s happening in these areas, and implementing proper security measures can contribute to a safer environment.

In addition to recruiting security personnel from a reputed firm, here are some ways you can help prevent unauthorized people from entering and keep your building secure.

  • Limit access to the building and parking area
  • Only let in to the building your guests or other residents.
  • If someone claims to be a guest of a resident in the building, have that resident confirm their identity and let them in. Even if you have seen the guest around the building before and have been introduced, you cannot be sure that the tenant is home or wants this person in the building.
  • When you enter the parking area, make sure that no one is lurking around. If a person enters who is not a resident, you can contact the building security or the police.
  • Controlled access buildings are only secure if the common doors remain closed and locked when not in use.
  • Report maintenance and security issues such as poor lighting, faulty locks, and overgrown shrubbery immediately to management.
  • Don’t leave personal items in common areas.
  • It’s safer to leave the lights on in common areas at all times. Then you can see if anyone is in the room before you go in.
  • Do not linger alone in any common area.
  • Do not store valuable items in storage areas, especially if they can be seen from outside the room.
  • Do not advertise your expensive car stereo to thieves. Turn it down well before you enter your building
  • Have your keys ready as you approach your car.
  • Make sure valuables are locked out of sight in your parked vehicles.
  • Secure access to your building
  • If you suspect a crime is in progress, do not investigate or ask questions! You could be putting yourself in danger, as well as warning the criminal. Call the police immediately. If you see any suspicious-looking people in or around the building, call police immediately and notify the building security.
  • Get to know your neighbours. Then you’ll know if someone doesn’t belong. Arrange to keep an eye on each other’s apartments while you’re away.
  • If you live in a large building or complex, think about a residents’ patrol that watches for crime around the building.
  • Installation of security systems like Intrusion Alarm System which comes with security features like Motion Sensors, Video Door Phones, Glass Break Detector etc. is a smart option.
  • It is highly advisable to opt for a CCTV System which comprises of digital video recorders, cameras and other video monitors.


Relying on conventional means of security like a double door, a watchman or a guard dog is not enough. Today’s criminals have found techniques to bypass all these.

Hence by implementing crime prevention strategies, getting to know your neighbours, being vigilant, reporting problems as they occur, and taking actions that improve the safety of the facility like installing security systems, you can make significant contribution towards preventing crimes in your building complex.


This information has been provided by Eureka Forbes.