How to Start an ALM in your Area!

An ALM is often considered to be the best way for concerned citizens to get together and work for the betterment of their neighbourhoods and localities. Due to the fact that they are registered with, and are therefore recognised by, the Municipal Corporation, they offer a great platform for citizens to raise issues that concern their area.

To know more about what an ALM is, click here.

Forming ALMs is not a very difficult process, and is explained below:

Step 1 – Get Informed

  • Organize a meeting of the residents from the concerned neighbourhood for better management of services in the locality.
  • Approach the concerned Ward Office and meet the Assistant Head Supervisor (AHS) or the Assistant Engineer (Solid Waste Management) (AE (SWM)), for information and support regarding the ALM concept and the process for its formation.
  • Seek Advice from the concerned ALM Officer about the concept of the ALM through public meetings.

Step 2 – Build a Team

  • Select members for an ALM COMMITTEE, one from each building or chawl in your lane or street. Segregation of waste at source is compulsory.
  • Select the name of your ALM Committee e.g. xxxxxxx ALM COMMITTEE and get it registered in the ward office
  • After registering your ALM at the ward level, you can register the ALM as a Private Trust, Charitable Trust, Society or an Association if you desire. However, this is not required by the MCGM.

Step 3 – Acknowledgement

  • Apply to your Ward Office in the given Format and get one copy as acknowledged and stamped.

To download the application form, click here.

  • Take photocopies of the stamped copy and send to the concerned ALM Officer stated below for additional information.

The ALM Official is as below:

Shri. Subash Patil – ALM Officer, No. 9322835712

Step 4 – Get started

  • The concerned Beat Officer/ JO (SWM) has to visit the entire ALM area and make entries regarding problems, action taken and suggestions in the ‘ALM Register’.
  • Attend monthly ALM meetings at the AHS/ AE (SWM) level and bi-monthly meetings at the level of Asst. Commissioner conducted at the Ward Office, to discuss your local civic issues and the action taken.
  • If civic issues have not been resolved, present them to the concerned Zonal Deputy Municipal Commissioner or the Additional Municipal Commissioner, through the ALM Officer or the ALM Ward Co-ordinator for your Ward.

Responsibilities of the ALM Ward Coordinator

  • Create awareness of the ALM concept amongst the Citizens.
  • Assist the Ward Office and MCGM in all ALMs activities.
  • Assist MCGM in the publicity of the ALM movement.
  • Coordinate and interact with all ALMs in the Ward.
  • Guide and motivate ALMs in the Ward to carry on ALM work.
  • To note problems and suggestions of the ALMs to put before the Additional Municipal Commissioner in the scheduled meetings.
  • To coordinate all aspects of MCGM services/activities as related to ALMs.



  • If your civic issues are not resolved, you can present them to the concerned Zonal Deputy Municipal Commissioner or the Additional Municipal Commissioner, through the ALM Officer or Ward Co-coordinator or the OSD (Officer on special Duty)
  • You can also register your ALM as a Private Charitable Trust, or as an Association after registering it at the Ward Level. However, this is not mandatory.