Home Remedies During the Monsoons

The Monsoon brings great joy and relief to the city every year, but also brings with it the risk of catching several diseases and ailments. By following these helpful tips, you can take better care of yourself and your family.

Remember, home remedies are only a basic measure, nothing can replace a doctor’s medical training! So if you or your family members fall ill, consult a doctor immediately.

1. Watch out for that mosquito!

You must ensure that in your home and around in your building, there is NO stagnant water. If you do observe pools of stagnant water, get in touch with local authorities to have mosquito repellent fogging done.

2. Suffering from loosies this monsoon?

Some red flags are; extreme weakness, sunken eyeballs, and listlessness, less urination, among others. A few things to do right away –

A glass of any juice with extra sugar and salt every one hour. Or prepare a jug of “Electral Powder” Juice and drink one glass every one hour.

3. In all cases of fever -

Do try these home remedies, while still reaching your doctor at the earliest:

    1. If body temperature is above 102 degree Fahrenheit, mechanically give tepid sponge and ice pack over both sides of neck (not head!) so that blood going through big arteries on both side of neck to head and brain is cooled down.
    2. Keep the patient well hydrated by giving glasses of plain water, juices, soups etc.
    3. The room should be well ventilated, and any unnecessary clothing removed.



The humble fever, in its many forms! Read on to help identify some of the common symptoms associated with each type of fever. These are by no means a complete list, but a useful start. Through a fever episode, for you or a family member, please stay in constant touch with your family doctor to be sure you are taking the right precautions.

There is no substitute to professional medical help – home remedies are good to start, but not a standalone solution!


Fever Type What to look for?
Malaria High Fever 102-104 degree farenheit, shaking chills, profuse sweating when fever suddenly drops, Headache, Fatigue, muscle aches, abdominal discomfort, nausea vomiting, fainting spell on standing suddenly from supine.
Flu viral fever Blockage of Nose, Bouts of sneezing with runny nose, Pain over sinuses, sore throat, cough, difficulty in breathing, headache which gets worse on bending head downwards.
Dengue High Fever with severe muscle pains, hemorrhagic spots, severe shock like symptoms.
Chikungunya Starts suddenly with high fever, intense multiple joint pains, severe headache, flushed face and photophobia, skin rashes
Leptospirosis Peculiar to waterlogged areas in Mumbai, Typically Biphasic Fever- 7-12 days after exposure to wading through waterlogged area. Severe headache with severe pain in calves, back and abdomen, Fever may last for a week and remission only to appear again after 5-6 days.


The above table is only a list of indicative symptoms and by no means a comprehensive list. Actual symptoms may differ by individual and are best addressed by a professional. Please consult a doctor at the onset of fever.


This information has been provided by Healthspring Community Medical Centres.