Beat the Heat, and Exercise in Summer

Summer is no excuse not to exercise, but do make sure that you stay hydrated. You will sweat more, and are likely to feel tired more easily. Here are some fun ways to make sure that you burn those calories.

  1. Swim, be a water baby. It’s the best way to beat the summer exercise blues. Even if you are just splashing about, you will be surprised by how energised you feel at the end of a few days!
  2. Pick an Indoor sport, though not carom or chess. A competitive game of table tennis, badminton, or squash, is sure to give you a much needed workout.
  3. If you must run, become a night bird. Switch to a late night running routine. It can be a fun way to see your city, but make sure you are running on well lit streets.
  4. Pick an air conditioned gym to make cardio easier on you. If you want to work out at home, turn on your AC and keep a jug of water handy.
  5. It may sound trivial, but wear the right gear! Sweat absorbing shirts, a cooling towel wrapped around the neck, and sweat bands on your wrist add to your style and also really do help you stay cool!


This information has been provided by Healthspring Community Medical Centres.