What is VCAN

V Citizens Action Network (VCAN), a not for profit organisation, was established by some public spirited citizens of Mumbai in 2009, to promote fairness, honesty, transparency and accountability in society by encouraging public participation in all democratic processes. It is registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950, REG NO: E – 25624 Mumbai, and all donations to the Trust are eligible for 80G benefits under the Income Tax Act, 1961.


We undertake several initiatives that educate citizens in order to increase their participation in governance and policy making.


VCAN conducts and organises seminars, workshops, conferences, meetings, awareness campaigns and public lectures for disseminating information and knowledge of laws and governance issues on a regular basis. We collaborate and network with other NGOs and Citizens groups to achieve this end.


We believe that public-spirited individuals of high moral standing and proven integrity should come together and get involved in addressing issues that are of public concern.


Remaining in the role of a catalyst, VCAN believes in providing the platform for people to come together.


We aim to encourage, protect, support and assist committed and upright members of the public and NGOs at the Central, State, District, Municipal and other levels, in every lawful manner, in their struggle against injustice, impropriety, irregularity and the general actions or inactions of the government which affect public interest.


We believe that people must stand up for their rights, and be active in matters which affect them. We also help affected persons by providing the knowledge to redress their grievances, especially with regard to public services.


We are not affiliated to any political party, and our aim is to prevent corruption and malpractices at all levels of administration by working in the spirit of partnership with all stakeholders.


To correspond with the Trust V Citizens Action Network (VCAN) please mail at vcan@togethervcan.in.