Our Mission and Vision


All of us have many strengths and capabilities within us – the challenge is for us to recognise them.


So the crucial question here is, how can people recognise these strengths and capabilities and how do we use them to our advantage as Individuals and for Society in general.

The answer is in fact quite simple – ‘Knowledge’.


Knowledge is the most powerful weapon against problems, and V Citizens Action Network (VCAN) intends to spread responsiveness amongst the citizens of Mumbai, India and the World. With this portal, visitors can access information about how to keep our homes and neighbourhoods safe and secure, how to live healthy, ways to become smarter citizens and  the various arms of government, their functions, how they affect us, legalities.


Content on this portal will include articles, videos, interviews and a substantial amount of useful and valuable information contributed by our talented team of writers and esteemed panel of experts from diverse fields.


This portal is also a medium for visitors to post their issues and find solutions with the help of a map of Mumbai city. As every tiny drop makes the ocean, we as a society can work together to recognise issues and fix problems, no matter how small they may seem.


VCAN also aims to conduct events, seminars, and workshops to complement the virtual activities, and create a connect with the citizens of Mumbai.


VCAN firmly believes that “Women are the Best Agents for Change” and that it is most essential to arm them in every way possible. Through VCAN, every woman can acquaint herself with knowledge and “Lead the Change”.


The Power to Change, and Build Better Lives, begins with the actions of one individual. Our belief is that, us solving peoples’ problems is less effective than providing them the tools to solve it for themselves. Our philosophy behind this portal is to provide a platform to all and the belief to build better lives – I Can, You Can and Together VCAN.